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Club NEMA Bellydance

Dancers who understand the various rhythms of the music are certain to become better dancers as their understanding of the music increases. The rhythm of this drum is the heart and soul of belly dance.

NEMA Belly Dance offers a beginning drumming class each session where participants learn  how to play the Belly Dance rhythms.  The Dumbek or Darabuka (sometimes called, "tabla") is one of the most prestigious instruments in belly dance music. To many, it is the heart and the soul of the dance. NEMA’s drum sessions are informal and friendly sessions that include men and women all ages.

Drumming classes:

  • Provide upper-body workout for all ages
  • Improve aerobic and cardiovascular system
  • Release stress and anxiety from your workweek
  • Build coordination
  • Improve mood and reduce burnout of workers
  • Build lasting bonds and friendships
  • Increase mental acuity
  • Create an avenue of self-expression 

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Drumming Sessions with NEMA Belly Dance

Tuesday Eves

8:00-9:00pm DRUMMING with Jahnema- Skillz & Drillz
Play the Tabla, the middle eastern drum with Jahnema. In this session you will learn the  basics of hand drumming  and middle eastern rhythms.  Drums will be provided.

No experience necessary.

World  Folk Dance

 with  Valerie  Daley

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