Wednesdays Evenings

6:30-7:30pm Beginning Belly Dance with Jahnema
Learn beginning Belly Dance movement; hip circles, figure eights, hip drops, hip lifts and more with NEMA Dance Director, Jahnema. Explore several music styles of dance  and master NEMA's signature beginner dances, "Harem" and “Mermaid.”  Learn and  polish your basic beginning movements with these simple yet elegant dance choreographies. Difficulty: Beginner

7:30-8:30pm Drumming with Donovan Lerman
Come join this amazing Arabic drum soloing technique class with Donovan Lerman, renowned performer, instructor and former owner of Los Angeles Moroccan/Arabic-themed Studio Iqaat. NEMA is honored to have Donovan, who  recently performed live in Bellydance Evolution’s – Fantasm- Odyssey of Dreams at Hollywood’s Ford Amphitheatre, instruct at our studio.  He will be  teaching a variety of the doumbek/darbuka strokes, giving tips on how our increase drumming proficiency and helping to refine and perfect drumming skills. Difficulty: Mixed Levels

Sunday Afternoons

1:30-3:00pm  Near East Rhythms Drum CIRCLE with Dan
Play the doumbek/darbuka  ,a Middle Eastern Drum,  with Dan Reyna. In this session, you will learn the  basics of hand drumming  and Middle Eastern Rhythms such as Baladi, Maqsum, Ayoub, and more. Drums will be provided. No experience necessary.

3:00-4:00 NEMA KIds

Children 5-11 years of age will be introduced to world dances. This playful demure class will explore the rich and varied movements of ethnic dances.  In this introductory class, students will explore elements of dance such as space, time, and  energy as well as practice movement sequences and movement stylizations while exploring a variety of folkloric dances from around the globe. Students will learn basic technique, choreography, cultural context, and musicality of the dance forms. No experience necessary. (Walk-In Registration Only)

4:00-5:00pm Beginning Belly Dance with Miki Ontiveros

Belly dance is fun, exciting, sensual and suitable for all body types and fitness levels. With this centuries old art form you' ll improve muscle tone, and increase strength.  Learn and  polish your basic beginning movements with the simple yet elegant dances of NEMA.  Difficulty: Beginner

Tuesday Evenings

6:30-7:30 pm World Folk Dancing with  Valerie Daley
Explore traditional dances originating from and performed at social gatherings by the common people of various nations.   Come join Valerie Daley former President of The Folk Dance Federation of California  as she teaches folk dances  from around the world.  Difficulty:Mixed Levels

7:30-9:00pm NEMA Dance Company Rehearsal,
The NEMA dance company, directed by Jahnema,  meets weekly to maintain   performance readiness. A selection of routines are performed  throughout Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties (see Events page for current list)  Mandatory dress rehearsals  are required, and  only committed members should attend. This class is by invite only. Difficulty: Mixed Levels

Thursday Evenings 

7:00-8:00pm  Arabic Pop with Micaela Ontiveros

Learn Intermediate Belly Dance movement; vertical figure eights, layered hip shimmies, unduations and more with NEMA Dance Instructor, Micaela Ontiveros. Explore several music styles of dance  and while being introduces to several of NEMA's signature dances.    Difficulty: Intermediate; Mixed Levels

8:00pm-9:00pm Dancing with Alexandra King

Alexandra King has traveled to and studied in both Egypt and Turkey and has taught these dances for 36 years. She was the dance director for the UCSB Middle East Ensemble for twenty years and currently teaches in Santa Barbara, the central coast of California and throughout the US.

This class will focus on the two most important cultures of belly dance ~ Turkey and Egypt.

Turkish Cabaret with Alexandra King 9/7-10/5
Turkish Cabaret  is a blend of Roman and Oriental dance, the majority of which is based on the technique and vocabulary of the Karsilama, a popular Turkish folk dance from Central region of Turkey. The class will explore the variations and development of the Turkish cabaret including the twentieth century stylization as the dance developed in nightclubs. This style of belly dance is energetic and athletic and includes floor work and spins. There will be a choreography.  Need knee pads and zills.

Egypt Maleya Leff with Alexandra King 10/12-11/9

The Egyptian Maleya Leff is a flirtatious and sexy women's dance from Alexandria and reflects the coquettish nature of a women's relationship with men in Egypt. Bouncy fun and - not as easy as it looks! The Malea Leff puts an entirely different bent on Egyptian theatrical dance. It is one of the most beloved genres in the regional styles of Egyptian Oriental dance. Need low-heeled shoes - slip-ons or with closures.

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