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Club NEMA Bellydance

Monday Evenings


Level 1 and 1+ - ATS® Dance Fundamentals with CAT Ellen

This class is notincluded in the NEMA Membership, but is highly recommended. (Please click on the link to your left for more information.)

8:00-9:00pm Belly Dancing with Haley Nicole

Haley~Nicole is a classically trained, life-long professional dancer with extensive teaching, training, and performance experience across several genres. This  session  is focuses on Nostalgic Modern Cabaret Inspired by Reda and the Golden Age of Cinematic Bellydance! It is a refined, teasing, graceful interpretation of instrumental song Nova Raqs.

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced

 Wednesdays Evenings

7:00-8:00pm Beginning BellyDance with Jahnema & Michelle
Learn beginning Belly Dance movement; hip circles, figure eights, hip drops, hip lifts and more with NEMA Dance Directors, Jahnema and Michelle. Explore several music styles of dance  and master NEMA's signature beginner dances, "Harem" and “Mermaid.”  Learn and  polish your basic beginning movements with these simple yet elegant dance choreographies. Finger cymbals will be used in this class. Difficulty:  Beginner

8:00-9:00pm NEMA Dance Company Rehearsal
The NEMA dance company, directed by Jahnema,  meets weekly and  performs  throughout Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties. Mandatory dress rehearsals  are required, and  only committed studio members should attend.

Skill Level: Mixed Levels

Saturday and Sunday Afternoons

These days are reserved for NEMA workshops and Individuals or groups wanting to rent the NEMA Studio. Individuals holding full session NEMA Memberships will have discount on all workshops.

Tuesday Evenings


Tribal/Turkish Gypsy BellyDance w/ Natasya Katsikaris  
Learn two deliciously saucy dance routines :  Kisaltmalar: A fast-paced humorous Tribal Fusion dance with Turkish Gypsy 9/8 flavor.  Spins,  Zills, Skirts! Soode Soode:  classic 1960s-70s vintage cabaret routine - East Coast Greek Nightclub style. Both classes Includes zills, veil, and classic old skool cabaret technique. Skill level:  Intermediate - Advanced


Beginning Arabic Drumming  Skillz & Drillz with Jahnema
This beginners drum class, led by Jahnema will focus on the basic Middle Eastern hand drumming techniques associated with an urban 4/4 folk rhythmic style common in Middle Eastern music. Patterns will be drilled to  increase and refine drumming skills. Drums will be provided. No experience necessary.  Difficulty: Beginner-

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World  Folk Dance

 with  Valerie  Daley

Thursday Mornings

9:00-10:00am Shimmy While Kids Are At School!
This is a belly dance class focusing on body parts exercise, easy belly dance movement and easy choreograph. Later if you decide to take a fancy Belly Dance Class, I'm 100% sure that this class will help! Shimmy while kids are gone! Staying home Moms are welcome. Even if you are not staying home Mom, you are welcome! Skill Level: Beginner

10:00-11:00am Intro Beginning Belly Dance Choreography
Learn Beginning Belly Dance movement; hip circles, shoulder shimmies, hip drops and more with NEMA Dance Instructor, Jahnema Reina. Explore several music styles of dance and while being introduced to several of NEMA's signature dances.  Skill Level: : Beginner; Mixed Levels

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