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World  Folk Dance

 with  Valerie  Daley

ClubNEMA BellyDance 

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Club NEMA Bellydance

NEMA is a performance oriented organization.  It is a mix of both professional, advanced, intermediate and beginning dancers who collectively work together to teach one another all aspects of dance. 

  NEMA activities  include:

  • Classes in popular multicultural dance forms such as belly dance and folk dances that help individuals get physically fit by increasing strength, grace, and flexibility
  • Deep Stretch and self-healing classes to offer powerful mind-body fitness tools to help members deal with the stresses of life in a healthy way
  • Mentorship and performance programs to encourage individuals to express their inner power through cooperation and healthy competition
  • Cultural conversational and calligraphy classes to help better understand the music and the culture of NEMA’s performance platforms
  • Drumming classes to create an avenue of self-expression, improve cardiovascular health, build coordination & upper-body strength, increase mental acuity, and release stress
  • Sewing, costume design, and set design workshops to encourage the practical application of mathematics and design skills
  • Costume concierge services and event design experience to empower members to lead and organize events within the organization and the community
  • Technical support and music co-ops to encourage friends and family to be a part of the organization
  • Scholarships for conferences and academic studies, workshops, and higher education fellowships to provide training and skills which foster individual education and growth among its members

NEMA aims to give back to the community by offering multicultural dance performances and presentations which do more than just entertain. The organization highlights the incredible possibilities realized when individuals co-create health and beauty based on balanced minds, bodies, and spirits.

NEMA is committed to the growth of members and the community. 

NEMA, as an inclusive organization,  fosters an environment safe from discrimination due to ability (mental and/or physical), age, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status/class, or parenthood.  Our membership dues are based on a sliding scale to support this endeavor. 

If you are interested in making a donation to NEMA Belly Dance, please email us at , or call us at (805) 308-2197.


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