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World  Folk Dance

 with  Valerie  Daley

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ClubNEMA BellyDance 

Neighbors  Embracing  Multicultural  Arts (NEMA)  Belly Dance in Ventura County based non-profit 501c3 Tax deductible legacy organization, founded in 1995 by Jan Straka, CEO, and led enthusiastically by an excellent team of volunteer instructors and event coordinators into its 23rd year of service to the community. 

Our mission is to promote cultural appreciation and awareness for the richness of Near Eastern, North African, and Mediterranean arts and traditions by educating local demographics to demonstrate and perform a mastery of music, dance, costuming, cuisine, language, art, and cultural traditions within our local communities .

Club NEMA Belly Dance in Oxnard is committed to providing a safe and sacred space for individuals to empower their inner and outer beauty in ways that respect themselves, their families, and their community. With present and past chapters at local community colleges, NEMA's outreach continues to create a nurturing environment for our members, further developing internships, scholarships and fellowships with those pursuing a higher education in America.